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call taxi chennai online booking:

A Taxi is a type of vehicle for hire with a driver, used by a single passenger or small group of passengers, often for a non-shared ride. A taxicab conveys passengers between locations of their choice. This differs from public transport where the pick-up and drop-off locations are decided by the service provider, not by the customers provide a hybrid bus/taxi mode.

There are four distinct forms of taxi cab, which can be identified by slightly differing terms in different countries:


MM Drop Taxi is an Inter-city taxi booking facilitator. We began this endeavor out of an individual trouble spot of paying two path charges for a single direction drop trip. Market Cabs charge two different ways, for the most part referring to the explanation of bringing empty back. By saddling data and correspondence advances we have disturbed the regular practice. Since beginning in 2014 we have served 1,32,500 Customer, and in the process, have spared near Rs.19 crores for them. MM Drop Taxi in fact spares up to 40% to clients for drop trips. Roundtrips  likewise  accessible at serious rates.

  • Drop taxi is a word coined locally in Tamil Nadu to represent outstation cabs charging just one way fares for the trips. This is exactly similar to one way cabs or outstation taxis for that matter. However, with the rising popularity of this term, numerous brands are operating under a variation of this name “Drop Taxi”. There are both registered and unregistered taxi players operating in this space and mostly it is tough to identify the  who of who’s.

Here is where Taxi does the hard work for you and gets the list of all reliable drop taxi players listed with their price and rating for you to pick effortlessly and plan your travel.

What is a drop taxi Chennai service ?

Best Outstation Taxi Service In Chennai is a regular one way cab service that we operate out of Chennai. It just mentions the outstation taxi service provided for customers travelling in and out of the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.


  • Enter the pickup and drop locations, select the vehicle type, travel date & time, and request a quote.
  • Instantly you will get taxi fares from all the available Chennai drop taxis on our platform
  • From the list, you can pick the cheap and best taxi of your choice and complete the booking. The driver and vehicle details will be shared two hours before the trip time. We also have a 24x7 call/WhatsApp booking service at +91-96770 77747.


  • We are MM Drop taxi car service, the most leading provider in India. We also have taxi from airport both way of service all too all other location in Bangalore. Our Airport taxi service is the way to go option by customers both ways of services.
  • According to customers need we provide both ways of drop and pickup in very comfortable and luxury seats. We provide you a best rate and comfortable travel in well maintained, good condition with comfortable seats.
  • MM Drop taxi from Chennai  airport helps you in easy booking. We will never customer to wait for cab service. Customer can choose they own vehicle type like Innova, Dezire, Etios, Indigo, Indica, Xylo, Swift, Logan, Verito, and Xcent, etc. Our Airport Taxis are available at affordable rates on all day and night.
  • We always focus on customer safety and their time. Our Services like Airport pickup & Airport drop, outstation cab services, local trip, holiday packages, corporate cab services, and wedding car rental to satisfy our customer needs.


A Car Dealer Makes you happy….Deeply!

Our aim is to provide customer-satisfied drop taxi cab service in chennai at the best prices in the market. ..


Taxi services are available 24/7, you can enjoy a taxi ride any time or during transportation emergencies, taxi cab services will help you to reach your destination safely and on time.

call taxi in chennai for outstation

Chennai is one of the most important destinations in India. Because there are all kinds of people living in Chennai. There are people of all races living there.  Because people have a belief that if they come to Chennai and do any business, they can progress.  IT Company is coming forward to grow the business of investors coming to Chennai from all kinds of countries.

It has all kinds of facilities for a family to come and spend more and happier time.  Apart from planes and trains, you can also identify Chennai by trains.  Travel by road and enjoy nature.  Drop Taxi services in Chennai are an important destination to travel from one tourist site to another.

When you think of touring places like Chennai, you will want a taxi service.  Then you will choose them by looking at how much you buy for another taxi service to know if they are buying the right price. Must be reliable.  Because when you go from one place to another you should not avoid not knowing who is in that area.

Searching a call taxi in Chennai:

If you are looking for a great car, you can get the best carts through us.

You can book our convenience cars online at our lowest prices and become our customer in the best way. If you are looking for a rental car to go around Chennai or other places then we are very suitable for you.

It is a very beautiful place and a city where everyone can be.  It is full of all kinds of career services and employment opportunities for any type of people to come and stay here and take their lives to the next level.  Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is famous for its buildings in Chennai and many temples and churches are very crowded.  The second largest beach marina in the world is located here. Chennai is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in India as it is one of the most visited places by tourists.

The natural wealth that everyone desires is spirituality and for peace of mind, it says nothing more than medicine.  There are a lot of nature tourism sites in Chennai.  Everyone up to Chennai wants full support for outstation rides.  Outstation taxi services are offered at low prices.

Tourist places in and around Mahabalipuram. This is because of the fact that visiting sites can be found all over the place.  When you rent a car from Madras and think of looking around Chennai they offer you the best services at the lowest prices on safest services

Very right to think.  Because we can assure you that we are the most suitable for you.  Customers trust us more because our services are cheaper.  Providing quality service at a low price is one of the biggest.  When you choose us who have done the best we can, we transform your travels into beautiful and memorable moments for you.

We also specialize in providing thebest online outstation taxi services in Chennai and offer them a variety of affordable taxi booking deals at affordable rates as we offer an unforgettable drop taxi for their travel at affordable prices.

Our separate specialties are registered before you, and you provide the best cars for you to get the best time.

We do rental to explore your favorite places whenever you are looking for a family trip, group trip by outbound car booking.  We will help customers booking a call taxi service in Chennai 24 hours a day to book cheap taxi rental services.  We offer a variety of cart-like bookings to keep your trip coming and going without being one that can be happy and stress free.

Are you thinking about booking Chennai Outstation Cab Service with us

You can easily get the full facility from us in various ways to book Chennai Outstation taxi from anywhere.  The first thing they do is call customers 24 hours a day, we will book through the service so you can contact us 24 hours a day through websites or by call.  With its help it will be much easier to get to the nearest places by choosing the car of your choice and booking good deals during your travels.  You can call these thoughts anytime, when creating a plan for it by calling at a low price.  You can quickly book your taxi at the best possible fare.

Outstation Taxi Service You can easily contact us to get it online.  Renting with us may be a good deal for you.  How much will it cost you in no time?  Knowing simply how far you can go, we are here to help you get our service.  Book your favorite via each website and be straightforward.  We will periodically provide information about the service to your contacts by booking online.

Sedan-Car Type [Dzire, Etios or similar], price Rs. 9

SUV-Car Type [Ertiga or similar], price Rs.12.5

Assured Innova- Car Type [Innova, Innova Crysta], price Rs. 13.5

Who are the best outstation taxi service in Chennai to book a trip to the countryside?

Drop Taxi offers the best taxi services in Chennai.  Their customers and the people in Chennai know that they normally provide services at low prices.  You can sign up for a clean refined car with reliable only unmatched service quality.  They are sure to make your trip memorable, safe and healthy and beautiful.

Once you have selected ours for the areas you are traveling to, we will make it clear to you how good the cars are and we will let you know which places will help you during beautiful travel times.  This will help you and make your travel time beautifully satisfying.

When booking an out-of-town trip with us, we are proud to offer you the best services at the lowest possible price above your road trip.  I can assure you that once you receive service from us you will never forget us again and you will receive services only from us.

Which is the best call taxi and cab service in Chennai?

Local or outstation cab It is very easy for you to find call taxi services in Chennai.  But choosing the reliable one will be the most difficult one for you.  If you've booked before, you're observantly choosing who the best is.  When you are new you will have stumbles in a few places.  Numerous car rental services have grown in the market.  We do not know that everyone is reliable. I use many car rental services in Chennai for many trips abroad.  But we can say that we will be the best for you.

The drivers we have or will give you a reliable service.  They will also make the journey safer for you.  With our team of well-trained drivers we will make sure that you are comfortable riding a ride of your choice, and finally when you are looking for a good taxi service in Chennai, we come and we will be right for you.  You can book a cart with us from the website.  Or call us.

Which taxi service in Chennai has the most reliable taxi fare?

When call taxi looking for or getting to know the outside, MM Drop Taxi Rental or much better.  They come a long way and are an excellent company for the very oldest of car rental services.  They are.  They make the process very easy before you and provide quality service at low cost while you get this service from them.  Our service charge is very low compared to others. One unique feature about MMDROPTAXI is that you can book the car that will cover the number of kilometers you want to travel.  We charge for the trip accordingly.  We are a master car taxi company in Chennai MMDROP Taxi.  We are glad you received our service.

Where to get the best one way drop taxi and outstation taxi to book?  Who are the best?  Who offer a lot of call taxi service at low prices.

The best company to book the outstation taxi in Chennai is mmdroptaxi, where you can book outstation taxi online at low prices.  And the more you know about them, the easier it will be for them to understand who they are by keeping the ratings they give so much to the customers who come to their website.

Outstation call taxi and his vehicles through online are also refined by MM DROP Taxi Company at extremely low cost and provide excellent service to the customers.

best online outstation taxi  price list

1.Mini taxi 8 Rs/km

2. Sedan taxi 10 Rs/km

3. Suv taxi 12 Rs/km

4. Innova taxi 14 Rs/km

there are vesy best price for oustation cabs on mmdrop taxi company best online outstation taxi in chennai.

Benefits of opting for Drop Taxi service in Chennai:

mmdroptaxi drop taxi service is one of the largest online taxi service in Chennai.  The price of the cars they have is very low and they offer quality cars and reliable customers at low prices as compared to others.We rent hassle free and reliable drivers in Chennai.  This makes your service safer and better.

It is very easy for you to book us when you need a taxi service.  We offer you the best taxi in Chennai.

Best Drop Taxi Service Company in Chennai?

In fact when you choose us for the best Drop Taxi , we offer you the best cars to suit your budget at an affordable price as long as you are an expert or when you use the OutStation Cab.  In the city of Chennai and the surrounding areas it may also be useful for expenses.

When you are looking for a full day Drop Taxi service in Chennai, we will suit you.  mmdroptaxi provides my full day drop witness services 12 hours and 120 km to Chennai and nearby city utilities.  You can also contact us at the nearest company anytime for tourist attractions such as shopping trips and going to meetings or hospitals.  We provide vehicles suitable for you.  More info Drop Taxi Chennai Viewing Submitting Your Travel Request Now You Can Choose The Best Of Many Operators In One Place.

Pickup and Drop Taxi Rental in Chennai will probably be useful for customers who want to pick up and drop off in Chennai.  After confirming the location you can view additional information and you will understand after a mail service with us how many hours as a customer we will provide you the best services after booking a stock.

Our service will be useful for those who prefer roundtrip services.  You can easily book our cab services at low prices by visiting our web pages to book a car.  You can say various place tour from Chennai.  We have the corresponding price value for you and you can choose us through you.  You can find out how much we offer at lower prices than others so the mmdroptaxi offers better tour services from chennai.

roundtrip is the only way to get to your travel from Chennai If you like one way to various destinations in Chennai . We know the best well known taxi services from Chennai We provide the best services for that.

Book a mmdroptaxi  in Chennai Suppose you are simply located in a specific place in a city say for example You can take a taxi or car to a city Get our offers  from Chennai We have all our need coordinators in Chennai .Visit tour Packages in our website .

How to get the best drop taxi.  You can pre-register at your destination from Chennai on our website.  We encourage you to have a quick or not hassle online booking system.  You can easily register your travel in advance or at the last minute.

Drop Call Taxi in Chennai 

People in Chennai are busy with their daily lives.  Everyone wants to spend their leisure time as much as they can, and when they want to set aside their leisure time, they want to be in their most exploratory outdoors.  When they are planning a trip with family or friends the first thing you think of is that the communication system really works if you are planning a sudden trip by bus or plane.  Gone are the days of having to book a few months before the trip.  A drop taxi with a great comfort without booking that only your family can go without any other hassle will help you.  One way drop Taxi fare is very cheap in Chennai.  mmdroptaxi Taxi in particular is very helpful making for an amazing journey.

You can book the car of your choice with us for your trip and choose from us the matching cars you need Sedan, SUVand many more to make the best trip and you can travel boldly about new cities without any hindrance.  If you are planning to travel from Chennai to Madurai, Salem or any other district, you can really enjoy the trip by booking in advance.  You can turn your journey into a great journey without any hassle.  If you take a different route for travel you will have to look for transportation facilities from one place to another in a new city instead of spending quality time, let’s say you go to Bangalore from Chennai.  We have drivers with many years of experience in driving.  They will change your journey effortlessly.  Through our journey we are creating the best moments of life to explore some of the best places in South India.

We are the best drop call taxi service company in Chennai.  If we want to travel in the best ways to alleviate the changing stress and strain that we do not consume on a daily basis, we are all running on their journey through time.  When you want to take a short break and get rid of our stress, look around to take you to the place where you want to go without any hassle and we offer a great service.

Customers who have received a service once do not have to wait for the next time they book us wherever they want to go.  Contact us easily and they will do better.  Also rent in Chennai can be booked at any time.  We do all kinds of services on our website so you can book in less than a minute.  We have always made safety a top priority for our customers.  We offer the best cars of more experienced drivers.  New customers will receive a 50% refund on their first booking.

Thinking of traveling to a new place is an option that everyone loves.  People want to travel out of the city for a better living balance.  When the quiet and harmonious environment there falls to spend a happy time, we get a satisfaction that we are able to deliver the best cars to where they are going.  Have a fun trip with your friends When you have a trip with family, we make the best of your journey with the best offers and the most experienced drivers at the lowest prices.

The best reasons to use our rental cars are to book cars that we do not bother with.  A great price with MMDropTaxi Car.

The promise we can give you when you choose us

1. We create a hassle-free journey

2.  When you want to book a rental car in Chennai we have created the best website for you so you can easily contact us through the website.

3. We will offer you the best deals as soon as you pre-register with us.

4. Compared to other car types in Chennai we charge you the best fits your budget.

5.  We bring you drivers with many years of experience.  This way you can contact the best travel safe.

6. If you are a new customer of the service, do not forget to get a 50% refund on your booking.  We offer you the best deals.

When you think of undertaking one way round  trip, we can say that we will help you.  You are about to experience our drop call taxi. When you plan to move to your new place, we will be there to help you.  We have an experienced team of professionals and drivers who can provide you the best travel experience you need in Chennai.  Wherever you want to look around in Chennai, our services will be very helpful in getting you to that place at a specific price that suits you.

Chennai Importance Marina Beach, KindiPark and other beautiful places in Chennai When you want to go to a place like your place without any traffic, we will take you to the place you think without any hassle and we will help you to make your trip off.

We want to see career advancement as our main goal is to provide better services to customers and take our businesses everywhere.  We expect to see customer happiness through our services.

Mmdroptaxi provides today best offers of drop taxi clients:

We offer you the best taxi services and cars equipped with technology to meet your travel needs.  Is progressing in every field.  We want progress.  We hope the vehicles with our service will be very helpful to you.  We are offering One Way Taxi in Chennai to your customers with complete passenger satisfaction.  We will help you to show around some of the places you think with our skill and help in a way that tells us based on the values we get from customers.  Just one more call is not enough to get the trip you want with us. We will contact your trip the second time you book on our website.  This way you can specify where you want to go and make a specific trip to that place at a specific price so that we can make your journey more enjoyable for you and next time we will find you and do all the services for you.

Why Choose Mmdroptaxi:

When our clients choose us for their trip, the purpose of our business is to make the trip smooth and provide them with all the amenities they need for the trip.  Our drivers are experienced.  Being experienced in this field, they speak a language that is familiar to them, no matter what language they speak, creating a comfortable environment for their users.  We guarantee the best service during the trip.



We do not charge extra for our exclusive pack cover travel.  Travel all the way through the same fare with copies of one.  We can assure you that we provide the best services.  It's about service to us and then you've realized it for yourself.



We have experienced drivers in the field who are trained by us so you can give them your service without any harm to you.  They know all the corner accelerators in the city so they can take you on the journey you choose to reach your destination at the right time.



You can choose the car you want for the ride with all the essential amenities like exclusive features like non-AC cars, AC cars, and luxury cars of your choice.  You will get by choosing us with great pleasure through one way side services where you can choose the luxury ride that suits your budget according to your financial need.  When you want to make a reservation you can make a reservation by visiting our website or by calling us.



When you get one way call taxi service from us in Chennai, you will be looking for us next time as we offer taxi service at cheaper rates than other companies in Chennai.  We also offer our exclusive services to new customers who are also offering offers.  By doing this they claim that customer service is convenient for them.



We allow our customers to contact us 24/7.  Wherever you go in Chennai you will not forget your trip we offer you all the amenities you can choose from at low prices.






Drop taxi Package:













































































































Our special Drop Call Taxi offers:








Types of taxi




Driver Bata




Driver Bata








Swift, Etios, Xcent








 Rs. 300











Innova, Xylo











 Rs. 300




Mmdroptaxi outstation cabs in chennai has been a driving force in Bangalore's taxi industry. We have been at the forefront of innovation and are constantly striving to make the industry a better place. Our number one priority is always customer satisfaction, and we will always go above and beyond to assist both our drivers and our passengers.

What is the best call taxi service in Chennai?

Mmdroptaxi: For the best value. It is appropriate for all types of people. It is appropriate for well-to-do individuals. The driver will sometimes barter more. Alternatively, they may simply charge a service fee. Even if the driver cancels the ride. So be cautious and don't lose money when making a reservation and having to cancel.

It has a moderate and average cost. Simply put, everything is fine.

Please do not get into any cab, car, auto, bike, or other mode of transportation unless you have made a proper reservation in an app or on your phone. If you do, the drivers will charge you three times the fare. For example, if you pay RS.100 for a fare, they will charge you RS.300. Be cautious of all types of drivers because they may engage in a scam anyone at time if you have not tried to book a ride.

outstation taxi service in chennai

Once you've been booked, the cab company will carefully monitor you. If indeed the driver does or attempts to do anything wrong. You can easily file a complaint with the respective cab companies or the police.

You can use mmdroptaxi to make a reservation. Following the installation and creation of an account. Simply mark the pick-up and drop-off locations on the map. They will then show you the estimated cost. As an example, RS. 120 to 145. The booking is then confirmed. The driver will contact you right away. You have the option of paying with cash or paytm.

It is no longer difficult to find a cab for out-of-town travel. With technological advancements, online cab booking platforms make it simple to book a car in minutes. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection if you need a car for out-of-town travel, local travel, or airport transfer.


Which cab service is best for outstation travel from chennai?

In with us country, we offer low-cost outstation taxis. Then we compared all the outstation cab company prices in India and found mmdroptaxi to be the cheapest. So I decided to book the most affordable outstation cabs

The most convenient aspect of mmdroptaxi services is their availability. You don't have to wait for a taxi or rent a car when you need one. mmdroptaxi services are very convenient and simple to use. By selecting the "Cab Booking" option in the app, you can book a taxi to your desired location. Booking a taxi is a very simple and straightforward process. You will not be charged any additional or kept secret fees.


What kinds of outstation taxi appointments can I book through mmdroptaxi?

At mmdroptaxi, you can book just one trip as well as a full circle trip for an outstation trip. It is possible to book more than one taxi depending on the number of passengers and your needs.


How quickly will my outstation taxi reach me?

Visitors should book an extended stay hotel outing about three hours before your period of departure. However, you are advised to book your outstation taxi ride as soon as your excursion is confirmed in order to improve rates and, in some cases, sometimes boundaries.

Is it necessary for me to pay for the cost of stopping?

Indeed, any state assessment, cost, or stopping charges must be borne by the client on a genuine premise and paid directly to the driver. If you go beyond your destination, you must pay for the extra kilometres as well as the number of hours.

Our Mission

We work with one goal in mind: to get customers where they want to go, when they want to go, promptly, efficiently, comfortably, and safely.

Our Vision

MM ONE WAY TAXI provides excellenpt services and support, benefits and welfare to our drivers. To achieve a mutually beneficial business relationship with our partnership.

Our Values

Quality: This involves providing courteous service in clean, well-maintained cars.

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